Karaoke System

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Karaoke system for sale

Karaoke System Includes:

  1. Cavs 203g USB Karaoke Player
  2. "Free Bonus" Cavs 203g USB hard Drive
  3. 1500 watt Karaoke Mixing Amplifier
  4. (2) 15 Inch 2 way Speakers
  5. (2) Speaker Cables
  6. Over 1000 Karaoke Songs
  7. Wireless Remote Control For Cavs 203G USB
  8. (1) Wired Microphone Included with 203G USB
  9. "Free Bonus" Extra Karaoke Music Over 450 Karaoke Tracks ERA 2000's
  10. "Free Bonus" Dual Wireless Microphone System
  11. (1) USB Computer Hard Drive Cable



Enhance your performance, Download and play, USB compatible

karaoke Player
Karaoke Player
DVD / MPEG4 / VCD / Super CD+G / CD+G / MCG / CD / MP3 / AVI / JPEG/ Kodak

CAVS DVD-203G USB is the next generation DVD Karaoke player that plays from both optical discs and USB memory devices. It plays the discs, such as DVD, MPEG4, Super CD+G, INX, INX2, CD+G, HDCD and CD. It also plays from USB memory devices, such as iPod®, MP3 player, USB hard drive, USB memory stick, or USB card reader.  You can store up to 49,999 karaoke songs per folder in your USB device, and plug & play without burning a disc.


Karaoke Amplifier 2( " HARD DRIVE UPGRADE INCLUDED")

Karaoke Mixing Amplifier

Karaoke Amplifier / Preamp / Tuner with USB and SD Card Inputs

Description: Karaoke Amplifier / Preamp / Tuner with USB and SD Card Inputs
Color: Black
Changing the face of amplifier technology with the introduction of HYBRID, a technological advance that makes bulky and inefficient amplifiers a thing of the past. We started with the same revolutionary technology found in our power amplifiers, and incorporated a pre-amp, tuner and a dual Karaoke mic mixer. With high power output, versatile loading options, high thermal capacity and reliability, the HYBRID series brings you all of what a Pro Karaoke amplifier stands for—incredible performance and sound, versatility, and the ultimate in reliability under harsh conditions.
With it's newest feature, a USB and SD Card input right on the face the Hybrid makes it even easier to enjoy your music.

Technical Hifi

15 inch 2 way Speaker System

Karaoke Speaker Karaoke Speaker

The all-new redesigned GT-Series speakers are ideal for Karaoke, Mobile DJ, and PA use. The GT-Series speakers offer maximum sound dispersion allowing your music to get out to the entire crowd from small to medium-sized venues.

Each cabinet is built rock solid powerful-woofer with a high tempered voice coil, and a horn tweeter to deliver pure quality of sound. The clean and professional carpet finish and heavy-duty corners makes this series an excellent choice for all performers.

.Technical Hifi


Karaoke Wireless Microphone System

The DKW-Duo offers a choice of two handheld microphone transmitters (HT) or two WLT transmitters with lavalier clip-on microphones (LT).

HT-Duo Handheld Microphone Transmitters: WLT Bodypack Transmitters:

2 25 Foot Speaker Cables Included

Karaoke Speaker CableKaraoke Speaker Cable

Additional Items Included are a Cavs 203 wired Microphone and a Cavs Remote Control included with the 203gUSB Karaoke Player.

Cavs 203 Remote Control Cavs 203 G Microphone that is Included with this player.